Instructions for reviewers

Reviewer invitation
Reviews for JoE will be invited via e-mail from a journal editor (i.e., the action editor). If the review request is accepted, the action editor will send the reviewer the manuscript, with the expectation that the review will be returned within 30 days. Reviews should be submitted via e-mail, in reply to the e-mail from the editor that included the manuscript.

Guidelines for reviewers
Evaluations of empirical reports and reviews should address the:

  • Appropriateness of the work for JoE
  • Novelty of the work
  • Adequacy of the literature review
  • Soundness of the research design
  • Potential theoretical and/or applied importance of the work
  • Soundness of the conclusions
  • Quality of writing
  • Organization and formatting of manuscript

Reviews of commentaries should evaluate the:

  • Appropriateness of the work for JoE
  • Need for the critique (especially in the case of commentaries on JoE articles)
  • Tone (ad-hominem attacks are inappropriate)
  • Coherence and scholarship